Toronto often gets pegged as the business-y, buttoned-up cousin of Canada… but scratch the surface, and you’ll find a city teeming with unexpected delights and a dash of charming weirdness.

Get ready to discover a different side of Toronto!

  1. Secret Subway Stations: Toronto’s transit system hides “ghost stations” – abandoned, unfinished, or rarely used stops that hold a strange allure.

  2. Birthplace of the Poutine? While Quebec rightfully reigns over poutine, a Toronto restaurant claims to have served the first iteration of this cheesy, gravy-laden goodness in the 1950s.

  3. Home of the Megadome: Remember the SkyDome? This retractable-roof stadium changed the sports game and was re-named the Rogers Centre a while back.

  4. Mascot Mayhem: Toronto’s mascot history is…interesting. Previous contenders include a strange beaver-like creature named BJ Birdie (Blue Jays) and a dinosaur named Carlton (Maple Leafs).

  5. Ravine Paradise: Toronto’s surprisingly lush ravines offer a network of urban hiking trails hidden within the cityscape. Escape the concrete jungle!

  6. The Original “Hockey Night in Canada”: This legendary sports broadcast started right here in Toronto way back in 1931.

  7. World’s Longest Street: Yonge Street was once the longest in the world! Its official length is downsized, but it still holds a special place in Toronto’s heart.

  8. Underground City: The PATH network is a subterranean world with 30 kilometers of tunnels connecting shops, restaurants, and offices – a lifesaver in winter!

  9. Castle in the City: Casa Loma is North America’s only true castle. It’s hosted movie shoots, fancy events, and even a brief stint as a Hogwarts stand-in for Harry Potter.

  10. Chinatown…or Chinatowns?: Toronto boasts multiple bustling Chinatowns, each with its own unique flavor and a treasure trove of delicious eats.

  11. Birthplace of Insulin: Medical history was made here in 1922 when insulin was discovered at the University of Toronto, a breakthrough for diabetes treatment.

  12. Bacon Obsession: The St. Lawrence Market’s world-famous peameal bacon sandwich is a Toronto institution.

  13. Tiny Art Galleries: Telephone booths have been repurposed as miniature art galleries in a quirky project called the #BeautifyTO initiative. Keep an eye out!

  14. Movie Magic: Toronto often doubles for US cities in films and TV due to its chameleon-like cityscape. Look familiar? It might be Toronto in disguise!

  15. Superman’s Roots: Superman co-creator Joe Shuster was born in Toronto, giving the city a claim on this iconic superhero.

The Takeaway

Toronto is way more than suits and skyscrapers. It’s a city of hidden trails, culinary adventures, and just a dash of the pleasantly bizarre. So, next time you’re in T.O., venture off the beaten path and see what surprises await!

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