Burnaby Facts

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If you love technology and are forward-thinking, then you will love the city of Burnaby. The city is home to some of the coolest and most recognized companies in the world such as Capcom Canada, Electronic Arts Vancouver, General Fusion and so much more. So, Burnaby is one of Canada's technology hubs. Also, the main campuses of Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology are here. Burnaby is a cool place to work, study and learn.

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1) The city has a population of just over 232,755 and is located in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. The city is the third-largest municipality by population in British Columbia, next to Vancouver and Surrey. The city was named after Robert Burnaby, a legislator, speaker, Freemason and explorer.

2) Known as a major technology centre in Canada, Burnaby hosts some of the largest high-tech companies in North America such as Electronic Arts, Capcom, Microsoft and others. These companies mostly operate out of office complexes along Canada Way and Imperial Street – Burnaby's primary business district.

3) The city has more than 100 parks with over 6,000 acres of parkland which accounts for one per household within Burnaby's borders.

4) Burnaby Mountain, a major destination for outdoor recreation is home to Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

5) Deer Lake Park, also known as Deer Lake, is a 700-acre park and a popular spot for outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, picnicking or walking along the trails. The city's main sports complex Crystal Centre is also located here.

6) Some well known Canadians have come from Burnaby, such as Christine Sinclair, Michael Buble, and Joe Sakic just to name a few.

7) The city is home to Mount Douglas Park which consists of five lakes, a network of walking trails, extensive wooded areas, a toboggan run and a skateboard park.

8) Burnaby is also the home to the Canadian International Auto Show as it was first held in Burnaby in 1989

9) Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Burnaby reached $11 billion or 10% of Canada's total FDI-to-GDP ratio.

10) The Metropolis Mall at Metrotown is the largest shopping mall in British Columbia and one of the largest in Canada.

11) The city's downtown is home to a mix of retail, office and commercial properties including a number of unique properties like the Burnaby Central Library, the Municipal Offices (City Hall), the Burnaby Arts Centre and others.

12) Don't forget to visit the Playground of the Gods, a collection of 50 totem poles carved by Japanese artist Nubuo Toko and his son.