Calgary might be Stampede City, but beyond the cowboy hats and belt buckles lies a truly eccentric heart.

Get ready to discover a different side of this prairie metropolis!

  1. Birthplace of the Caesar: This iconic Canadian cocktail, a spicy, savory twist on the Bloody Mary, was invented in Calgary way back in 1969. Cheers to that!

  2. Ginger Beef Supremacy: Calgary claims to be the home of this crispy, sweet, and tangy Chinese-Canadian dish loved across the city.

  3. A Zoo on an Island: The Calgary Zoo resides on St. George’s Island in the Bow River, offering scenic views alongside its animal inhabitants.

  4. Hidden Hot Springs: Just 90 mins away in Banff National Park, you’ll find steamy natural hot springs tucked within the mountains – ultimate Calgary-adjacent relaxation.

  5. World’s Tallest Indoor Mural: The Calgary Airport boasts an enormous and vibrant mural, stretching over 14,000 square feet – some eye candy for your next flight!

  6. The Plus 15: Escape the Cold: Calgary has the world’s most extensive enclosed walkway system – a network of skywalks 15 feet above street level for comfy winter commutes.

  7. Supersized Sculptures: Giant blue rings? Check. Massive head sculpture? Yep! Calgary’s public art scene is full of intriguing (and sometimes baffling) sights.

  8. Olympic Legacy: The city proudly retains its 1988 Winter Olympics sites like the Winsport facility, offering year-round adrenaline rushes for the public.

  9. Prairie Dog Paradise: These comical critters have colonies throughout Calgary parks. Keep an eye out for their burrowing antics.

  10. “Superman: The Movie” HQ: Parts of the original Christopher Reeve classic were filmed in Calgary – a superhero connection!

  11. Kensington’s Quirky Charm: This eclectic neighborhood is chock-full of vintage shops, independent cafes, and a delightfully bohemian vibe.

  12. Music Mile: Along 17th Avenue lies a cluster of music stores and venues, making Calgary a surprisingly vibrant hub for tunes.

  13. A Dinosaur Hotspot: Neighbouring Drumheller is Canada’s dinosaur capital – dig sites and fossils galore for prehistoric enthusiasts.

  14. Chinatown Gateway: Calgary’s Chinatown boasts a giant, colorful arch marking the heart of this bustling and delicious district.

  15. Honey, I Shrunk the Zoo: The model village at Heritage Park depicts Calgary’s history in miniature. It’s surprisingly whimsical!

The Verdict

Calgary is more than rodeos and oil rigs. It’s a city of curious contrasts, where zoo animals chill on islands, cocktails get spicy kicks, and the winter chill can’t stop the fun.

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