Canadians are famous for being excessively polite, and our overuse of the word “sorry” has become a national stereotype. But apologizing isn’t just about manners; it’s a full-blown art form up here.

Let’s play a little bingo with the most common Canadian apologies:

Your Canadian Apology Bingo Card Get your daubers ready! Here’s your bingo card filled with phrases you’re guaranteed to hear from Canadians on a daily basis:

  • “Sorry, I bumped into you” (Even if they barely brushed you)
  • “Sorry, is this your seat?” (When the seat is clearly empty)
  • “Sorry to bother you…” (Before asking the most basic question)
  • “Sorry for the mess!” (When their house looks like a magazine spread)
  • “Sorry, what did you say?” (Even when they heard you perfectly)
  • “No worries, eh?” (The response to a ‘sorry’ – completes the cycle)
  • “Sorry, I’m late!” (Blame it on traffic, the weather, or just general Canadian politeness)
  • “Sorry, my dog is friendly” (As their dog enthusiastically jumps all over you)
  • “Sorry about the weather” (As if we personally control the snowstorms)

How to Play

  • IRL Version: Pay close attention to your Canadian interactions throughout the day. Mark off a square every time you hear (or use!) one of the phrases.
  • Social Media Edition: Scroll through your feed and see how many of these apologies pop up in comments and posts.
  • Competitive Option: Challenge a friend to see who gets BINGO first!

Bonus Round: Advanced Canadian Apologies

  • The “Preemptive Sorry“: Apologizing before you even do anything remotely inconvenient.
  • The “Weather Sorry”: Apologizing for things outside your control, like rain ruining a picnic.
  • The “Existential Sorry”: That vague, “I’m sorry,” muttered under your breath for simply existing.

Disclaimer: Excessive apologizing can sometimes be a sign of low self-worth. Use your apologies wisely, eh?

Got BINGO? Share your funniest Canadian apology encounters below!

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