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The city of Gatineau is located in the province of Quebec, in the beautiful Outaouais region. The city shares a border with Ottawa, Ontario, and together they form Canada’s National Capital Region. It is similar to how you can see Detroit across the Michigan River from Windsor. Gatineau is blessed with being so close to the capital city of Canada - Ottawa. It also has one of the most beautiful parks in North America, as well as the most visited museum in Canada.

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  • 1. More than 276,000 people live in Gatineau.
  • 2. Western Quebec is home to the city of Gatineau.
  • 3. After Montreal, Quebec City, and Laval, Gatineau is the fourth-largest city in the province of Quebec.
  • 4. Gatineau’s primary tourist destinations include the Canadian Museum of History, Canadian Children’s Museum, and Gatineau Park.
  • 5. Gatineau has the following major communities: Hull, Aylmer, Buckingham, & Masson-Angers.
  • 6. There are many recreational facilities at Gatineau Park, including a beach, campground, picnic sites, trails, and parkways. You can go hiking on 165 km of trails and mountain biking on 90 km of trails. Skiing is also popular in the Gatineau Hills.
  • 7. Over 200 black bears live in Gatineau Park.
  • 8. The Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau is one of the oldest public museums in Canada and Canada's national museum of human history. More than 1.2 million tourists visit this museum every year, making it Canada's most visited museum.
  • 9. Gatineau and Ottawa are linked by 6 bridges.
  • 10. One of Quebec's three tourist gateways, Gatineau is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations.
  • 11. Gatineau has a cheaper housing market than Ottawa, but having the highest income taxes in Canada.
  • 12. More than 64% of people speak French as their first language, while only 15% can say the same for English.