London, Ontario, might get confused with its way more famous British counterpart, but this Canadian city has its own unique charm and surprising history.

Get ready to have your mind blown by these fun facts about the “Forest City” (London)!

Mind-blowing Facts

  1. Cereal City: Breakfast lovers, rejoice! London was once a major hub for cereal production – Kellogg’s and Post both had factories here.

  2. Birthplace of Superheroes: Superman co-creator Joe Shuster was born in London, and you can even find a mural dedicated to the Man of Steel!

  3. Medical Marvels: London boasts world-class medical research. The scientists who discovered insulin were based here!

  4. Festival Frenzy: From the buzzing Sunfest world music festival to the quirky Ribfest, London knows how to party.

  5. The “Bud” is Born: Labatt’s Brewery, one of Canada‘s biggest, has called London home since 1847. Cheers to that!

  6. Green Haven: Nicknamed the “Forest City,” London boasts tons of parks and tree-lined streets, perfect for nature walks.

  7. Bustling Market: The Covent Garden Market is a foodie paradise with local produce, artisanal goodies, and lively restaurants.

  8. Hockey Heroes: London churns out NHL players! Drew Doughty and Corey Perry are just a couple of homegrown stars.

  9. A “Little” London: Turns out, there are over a dozen other Londons around the world!

  10. Musical Roots: Superstar Justin Bieber got his start busking on the streets of London, Ontario.

  11. Literary Legends: Acclaimed authors Alice Munro and Emma Donoghue both have ties to London.

  12. The Forks of the Thames: London sits proudly where the Thames River splits into a north and south branch. Not exactly the UK Thames, but pretty nonetheless!

  13. University Hub: Western University is a major center for research and attracts a diverse student population.

  14. Architectural Treasures: London is home to some stunning heritage buildings, including the gorgeous St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica.

  15. Guy Lombardo: Ring a Bell?: The famous big-band leader known for New Year’s Eve tunes was a proud Londoner.


So, did London, Ontario surprise you? There’s way more to this city than meets the eye. Next time you’re looking for a Canadian adventure with a mix of urban buzz and small-town charm, consider adding the Forest City to your list!

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