London Facts

Motto: "Through Labour and Perseverance"

London, Ontario

Nicknamed as “Forest City”, London - Ontario is a city located in southwestern Ontario, Canada. The city has a population of over 405,000. It was established around 1790 or so as a military camp for the British Army's 40th Regiment of Foot. The area then took a life of its own, becoming a village in 1826… and the rest was history. Today, London is the largest municipality in southwestern Ontario. Among London's greatest assets are its higher education, medical research, manufacturing, and technology sectors.

So, is London Ontario worth visiting? The answer is a big fat YEAH, and we hope the facts below make you realize that London is a great place to both visit and live!

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  • 1) Murray Anderson was London's first mayor. Today, the current mayor is Ed Holder.
  • 2) There are roughly 10,555 employees at London's Health Sciences Centre, making it the largest employer in London.
  • 3) Victoria Park is an 7.3 hectare park located in downtown London. Throughout the Second Boer War, World War I, and World War II, troops were stationed in the park, so a lot of military items are on display here. In Victoria Park there are many annual events, including Sunfest, home county folk festival, rib festival, lola, and fiesta del sol. It is one of the most beautiful parks in Canada.
  • 4) In 1878, Western University was established – it is one of the best universities in Canada.
  • 5) On 1980, on November 4th, Ryan Gosling was born at St. Joseph’s hospital in London. He is one of the world’s most famous actors.
  • 6) Jetpac City Guides ranked London as the 6th happiest city in Canada in 2015.
  • 7) London has an average population age of 40.
  • 8) London was the birthplace of Jack Warner, father of Warner Bros Pictures. He and his three brothers began Warner Bros Pictures in 1923 with the creation of Warner Brothers Pictures Inc. Today, the company is owned by AT&T.
  • 9) The maple tree is the most populous tree in London, representing over 30% of the city’s trees.
  • 10) London has 68 hotels.
  • 11) Over a hundred different languages are spoken collectively among Londoners. The most common non-official languages include Spanish, Arabic, Polish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Korean, Dutch, and Mandarin.
  • 12) In terms of size, London’s Rib Fest is one of Canada’s largest RibFests!
  • 13) Founded in 1852, the Richmond Tavern is London’s oldest pub.
  • 14) As for the weather, London undergoes hot, partly cloudy summers during the summertime, and it’s cool, dry, windy, mostly cloudy winters in the wintertime.
  • 15) The 2013 World Figure Skating Championships were the biggest event London has ever hosted.
  • 16) Jetpac City Guides ranked London as the 6th happiest city in Canada in 2015.
  • 17) Facta non Verba is the motto of the London Police Force, which equates to “deeds, not words”.
  • 18) A paved racetrack just west of London, Delaware Speedway has been in business since 1952. Its the oldest racetrack of its kind in Canada.
  • 19) A 29-story tower located in central London, Azure Tower, was constructed by The Tricar Group.
  • 20) Heeman’s Garden Centre is one of the most beautiful garden stores in North America. It has all the houseplants and pots you will ever need. It is 120,000 square feet.