With its majestic Sleeping Giant landform, deep ties to Finnish culture, and location on the shores of mighty Lake Superior, Thunder Bay is a Northern Ontario gem waiting to be discovered.

Get ready to learn some amazing things about this unique city!

Mind-blowing Facts

  1. Behold, the Sleeping Giant: That massive rock formation across the bay? It looks like a giant snoozing and is steeped in Indigenous legend.

  2. Hoito, Please!: Thunder Bay has the world’s largest Finnish population outside of Finland. You’ll find delicious Finnish pancakes (hoito) everywhere.

  3. Gateway to Adventure: Outdoor lovers, this is your mecca! Hiking, camping, paddling, and skiing are all on Thunder Bay’s doorstep.

  4. Fort William: Historical Hub: Step back to the fur-trading era at Fort William Historical Park, a reconstructed fort with costumed interpreters.

  5. Persian Delicacy: Thunder Bay is oddly obsessed with Persian rolls – sweet, cinnamon pastries with pink icing.

  6. Kakabeka Falls: Nature’s Power: Witness the raw beauty of these roaring falls, second-highest in Ontario and nicknamed the “Niagara of the North.”

  7. Amethyst All Around: Thunder Bay is Ontario’s amethyst capital! You can even visit a mine and dig for your own purple gems.

  8. Giant Ships on the Great Lake: Thunder Bay is a major shipping port. Watch massive freighters navigate their way through the harbor.

  9. Terry Fox’s Legacy: This Canadian hero tragically ended his Marathon of Hope outside Thunder Bay. A moving monument marks the spot.

  10. Aviation History: Thunder Bay played a vital role in aircraft production during World War II and has a museum dedicated to it.

  11. Mount McKay: Views for Days: Hike or drive to the top of this scenic mountain for panoramic vistas of the city and Lake Superior.

  12. Winter Wonderland: Thunder Bay embraces the cold! Enjoy cross-country skiing, ice fishing, and festivals galore during the snowy months.

  13. Creative Spirit: Thunder Bay has a vibrant arts scene with galleries, theatres, and a thriving music community.

  14. Finnish Sauna Culture: Sweat it out the authentic way in one of Thunder Bay’s many Finnish-style saunas.

  15. Wildlife Encounters: Keep your eyes peeled! Moose, bears, and even the occasional caribou are known to wander near the city limits.


Thunder Bay is a blend of urban energy, natural beauty, and a unique cultural heritage. Whether you crave outdoor adventures, a taste of Finnish flair, or a touch of history, this city by the lake will leave you amazed.

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