Thunder Bay Facts

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Thunder Bay

It doesn't get talked about much... but the beautiful city of Thunder Bay is located in Northwest Ontario, Canada, and acts as the capital of the Thunder Bay District. Besides being the second most populous municipality (after Greater Sudbury) in northern Ontario, it is also the most populous municipality in Northwestern Ontario. A culturally diverse and prosperous community, Thunder Bay is home to a variety of restaurants, an inspiring art scene, festivals, concerts, and many things to do and entertain yourself.

Although Thunder Bay is primarily known for Fort William Historical Park and Lake Superior, it has a lot of cool things to offer.

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  • 1. Fort William and Port Arthur merged in 1970 to become Thunder Bay.
  • 2. Approximately 110,172 people call the city home.
  • 3. Thunder Bay was the first to introduce and implement Daylight Savings Time.
  • 4. With more than 100 parks within the city, Thunder Bay is a popular destination.
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  • 5. There are only 34 parks in Ontario (since 1871) and Waverley Park in Thunder Bay is the second oldest.
  • 6. An occasion at the Prince Arthur Hotel in 1921 resulted in the first adoption of the Poppy as the symbol of remembrance.
  • 7. Thunder Bay International Airport is Ontario‚Äôs 4th busiest Airport.
  • 8. Thunder Bay is one of the happiest cities in Canada.
  • 9. Thunder Bay is the sunniest place in Eastern Canada with nearly 2200 hours of sunlight each year.
  • 10. Just east of Thunder Bay in 1980, Terry Fox completed his Marathon of Hope.
  • 11. The University of Lakehead is the dominant educational institution in the city. It has over 9000 full-time students, with over 40,000 alumni. Lakehead is one of the best universities in Canada.
  • 12. Thunder Bay is one of the largest cities in the province of Ontario, and the largest city in the region of Northwest Ontario, equal to the size of France.
  • 13. Constructed in 1911, Thunder Bay's iconic Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Canada.
  • 14. Lake Superior is the head of the bay in which the city takes its name.
  • 15. North America's largest grain storage facility is located in Thunder Bay.
  • 16. Thunder Bay is located on the shores of Lake Superior, the world's biggest freshwater lake.
  • 17. Fort William Historical Park is Canada's largest living attraction history and a Canadian Signature Experience.
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  • 18. BMX rider Jay Miron, who has won nine X-Games medals, was born in Thunder Bay.
  • 19. The second-largest curling stone in the world is in Thunder Bay.