Windsor Facts

Motto: "The river and the land sustain us."


Located in the province of Ontario, Windsor is one of my favourite cities in Canada as it is located directly across the city of Detroit over the Michigan River. Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada, and it borders Detroit to the west. It is also one of the most multicultural cities in North America with over 160 ethnic groups. The city is named after the English town of Windsor, Berkshire in England. Whenever you are in the city, we recommend you visit the François Baby House, a National Historic Site of Canada – build in 1812 and was a base for both the British and American troops.

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  • 1) The population of Windsor is estimated to be around 234,000 people and the current mayor is Andrew Dilkens.
  • 2) Windsor has been an industrial centre for automobile production since 1914.
  • 3) The University of Windsor was founded within this city – a major university in Canada.
  • 4) The Canadian side of border crossings are all located within this province as well as crossing over into Detroit to make it part of a larger metropolitan area that extends to Trenton and Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.
  • 5) The city was settled by early Europeans in 1749.
  • 6) The city is referred to as 'the honeypot' of Canada: it has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and is the sixth-largest manufacturing centre in Canada.
  • 7) It was also chosen by Queen Victoria as a gift for Prince Edward, who became King Edward VII.
  • 8) Windsor also produced key parts of the Apollo program.
  • 9) Windsor is well known and famous for its delicious pizza and roses.
  • 10) A sign on the Canadian side of border welcomes travellers with 'The friendliest city on Earth' message.
  • 11) Out of all the casinos in North America, the Casino Windsor is one of the rare ones that offers a smokes free environment.
  • 12) Windsor is home to a large Jewish community and a sizeable French-Canadian population. There is also a sizable Muslim, Haitian and Latino population.
  • 13) The city's economy has greatly diversified during the 20th century. It has become a financial centre and manufacturing hub, while still maintaining its historic role as an industrial centre. It used to be nicknamed 'Motown of the North' because of its significant contribution to the United States automobile industry. It was home to Chrysler Motors, which Chrysler Automotive considered its headquarters until 2009 when it relocated its headquarters across town in Auburn Hills, Michigan.