Sir John A. Macdonald Quotes

1st Prime Minister of Canada

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Sir John Alexander Macdonald is one of the Fathers of Confederation and is Canada's first Prime Minister. Sir John was born in 1815 in Glasgow, Scotland. In this article, we are going to list some interesting quotes about Canada's first prime minister - leading a young nation to greatness.

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1. Let us be French, let us be English, but most importantly let us be Canadian!"

2. Anybody may support me when I am right. What I want is someone that will support me when I am wrong.

3. Give me better wood and I will make you a better cabinet.

4. It must be an independent House, having a free action of its own, for it is only valuable as being a regulating body, calmly considering the legislation initiated by the popular branch, and preventing any hasty or ill-considered legislation which may come from that body, but it will never set itself in opposition against the deliberate and understood wishes of the people.

5. When a man has done me an evil turn once, I don't like to give him the opportunity to do so twice.

6. As for myself, my course is clear. A British subject I was born - a British subject I will die. With my utmost effort, with my latest breath, will I oppose the veiled treason which attempts by sordid means and mercenary proffers to lure our people from their allegiance.

7. Confederation is only yet in the gristle, and it will require five years more before it hardens into bone.

8. A new Member requires the experience of his first session in the House to teach him how to hang up his overcoat and take his seat in a manner befitting a gentleman.

9. When fortune empties her chamber pot on your head, smile and say We are going to have a summer shower.

10. Politics is a game requiring great coolness.

11. Never write a letter if you can help it, and never destroy one!