Located on the southern shore of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown offers a unique blend of small-town charm and urban amenities. As the capital city of Canada’s smallest province, it presents both opportunities and drawbacks for potential residents.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of making Charlottetown your home.


  1. Affordable Cost of Living: Charlottetown boasts a significantly lower cost of living compared to many Canadian cities. Housing, utilities, and everyday goods and services are generally more affordable, making it an attractive option for those seeking financial relief.
  2. Excellent Commute: The city scores high in commute ratings, with easily accessible public transit and shorter-than-average commute times. This means less time stuck in traffic and more time enjoying life.
  3. Strong Sense of Community: Residents often praise the friendliness of neighbors and the strong sense of community in Charlottetown. This welcoming atmosphere can make it easier for newcomers to feel at home.
  4. Natural Beauty: Charlottetown is surrounded by stunning scenery, including beautiful beaches, red sandstone cliffs, and lush forests. The proximity to nature provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.
  5. Rich Culture and History: As the birthplace of Confederation, Charlottetown offers a wealth of historical sites and cultural events. The city hosts unique festivals celebrating its heritage, arts, and culinary traditions.


  1. Limited Job Market: Finding employment can be challenging in Charlottetown, especially for those in specialized fields. The job market is smaller compared to larger cities, which may limit career opportunities.
  2. Weather Challenges: Charlottetown experiences long, cold winters and significant rainfall throughout the year. This climate can be a deterrent for those accustomed to milder weather2.
  3. Limited Amenities: As a smaller city, Charlottetown may lack some of the amenities and entertainment options found in larger urban centers. This includes fewer international artists and musicians visiting the area.
  4. Transportation Limitations: While commuting within the city is convenient, public transportation options are limited compared to larger cities. Owning a car may be necessary for greater mobility.
  5. “Come From Away” Syndrome: Despite the friendly reputation, some newcomers report feeling like outsiders. It may take time and effort to fully integrate into the tight-knit community.


Charlottetown offers a unique living experience that combines the tranquility of island life with the conveniences of a capital city. Its affordable cost of living, strong sense of community, and natural beauty make it an attractive destination for those seeking a slower pace of life. However, potential residents should carefully consider the limited job market, weather challenges, and smaller-scale amenities before making the move.

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